Elemental Prayer


  You demand nothing
  less than our totality
  to burn
  the brilliant flame
  of vision
  a sparkling trail
  of burning diamonds
  running wild along the
  fuse of our imagination,
  You are the force
  of our dreams,
  the brilliant jewel
  in the Way Shower’s crown.


  You run through
  our bodies,
  a river of blood
  coursing to the ocean
  mixing raindrop after raindrop
  into the eternal mixture-
  the heady elixir
  drunk from Mother’s own breast,

  You pour the rest
  into our cupped hands
  so we may wash
  our faces.


  You solid black hole
  You are the space we
  cannot see
  but know,
  while all around
  You spring illusions on us:
  green trees
  turning dead
  frozen ground
  turning raw, wet brown.

  Becoming the void,
  we enter You,
  the womb for birthing
  Bears and Warriors,
  we become what we eat of You.


  Light as starfall
  You sweep over our
  desert minds
  gone dry from waiting too long
  to drink.
  We think You into being,
  the All Consuming Mind.
  We think we are
  not thirsty anymore.

  Only we do need
  the kiss of Your breath
  to hum us home.
  And don’t judge us harshly,
  We only think we know.