My Personal

Professional mind-seeker seeks serious
humorist with sense of diversity.
Am diversified in my seriousness
Also have Spam stories
Am a goddess-worshipping bottom
who likes to be on top of things 

Have a center that is grounded
in the middle, though I do get spaced
now and then.
Am busy writing my life most of the time
but can be persuaded to take long
phone breaks with someone who will
not break open my heart but will let me
peek a glimpse of theirs, and
maybe let me use their stories to
embellish my own. 

If you can quote Rilke and like
Babatunde Olatunji, maybe
we can drum to nightingales.
(I don’t remember Rilke, but I know
my favorites when I hear them.)
I do remember some cummings-
“no one with such small hands
not even the rain”
Is that Rilke or cummings?
I’ve lost touch.

If you have small hands but
big ideas,
please touch me;
my body lies like a landscape
needing rain.

You can reach for me out at
E-mail : @Don’tTake2Long2DSide.