Sit Down

Unseen forces.
I give my gift of tobacco
and blue corn.
I receive the blanket of
Moisture drifting over me.
The blanket of a river

Swollen with the bitterness
Of human tears,
Cleansed by forgiveness
Of a Mother who keeps loving
Her children no matter
How they trample her.
A blanket of power.

Mother’s earthen face deepens
With the spongy green
Of moss designs spread
About her broad cheeks.
The pale sky hovers above,
A calm blue.

The river begins to dance below.
I can only stare.
She is so big
In her rhythm.

I am held between the blanket
Of the river
And the sacred rocks.
I rock to the song, to the
Rattle and hum

Of hope resounding
Across the river
As she dances and stretches
And yawns
In her sleepless flow
into the body of the ocean
Called Atlantic.