What I Know

I know that all learning is
but remembering

And that as the fire dies out,
and red embers linger,
it is the smoke that carries
the message.

I know that a setting sun
like hot, dripping honey,
still has the power to burn
my lips till they crack
with knowing, even
in the thick of it.

I know that all hunger does is
make me hungrier
And that making love
on the kitchen floor
with chicken frying in a pan
is one of the sexiest things
in the world.
I know the distance between
the fear inside me
and the web of safety spun
precariously across the
abyss of risk.

I know that my heart swells
when I hear a C minor chord,
or when I pull a strong,
red beet from the earth,

But I don’t know why.

I know what power is,
oh yes, it has touched me
with its heat

And I know that
precious moment
when it lingers
just long enough

for me to know that
everything all over the world
is exactly
as it should be.